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New Signage Program Unveiled

New Signage Program Unveiled
Pilot program underway to create consistent concise signage for visitors
August 2, 2010

A new wayfinder sign program was announced today as the first sign was unveiled at the Parsons City Commissioners Meeting. The sign is one of five signs scheduled to be placed at or near the intersection of Main Street and 16th Street over the next few weeks.

The program was put in place through the city’s economic development department and is being coordinated by the Director of Tourism and Marketing, Jim Zaleski. According to Zaleski the five new signs will replace sixteen signs that currently are along the three blocks of Sixteenth Street and the Main Street intersection.

The newly ordered signs cost $425 each and are being made by Wright Signs & Graphics. Each location that is on an older sign will have a line of information on the new wayfinder signs.

Zaleski explained to the commission that those sixteen signs gave direction to nine different locations with as many as seven different color and design combinations. “The concept of the project is to give a clean and consistent look to the busy intersection, while providing vital information for travelers,” Zaleski said.

Depending on the success and cost of the pilot program, organizers hope to expand the project to include additional attractions and push beyond the city borders and include county and even regional destinations of interest. “I can see this type of program being utilized to provide a consistent look to wayfinder signs for attractions as far away as Circle Pecan, Claythorne Lodge or even Big Brutus,” Zaleski said.

He stressed that travelers don’t know and they don’t care when they have crossed a city or county line.  It is the tourism bureau’s responsibility to provide this type of information for travelers as they move from destination to destination, he said.

The cost for the pilot project is being completely funded through the tourism department. The department of tourism is funded by the six percent bed tax on local hotels and a $50,000 line item from the special economic development fund.