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Tank Connections offers Lime Storage

Power Utility Applications – Lime Storage
By Kenton Jarman
April 6, 2010

In North America, Tank Connection builds the largest field-welded and bolted RTP storage tanks available in the industry today for lime storage applications.

Tank Connection and their affiliate company ATEC Steel offer field construction meeting the requirements of API 650, API 620, ASME and other international codes and requirements. Tank Connection also offers shop-weld tank construction and SIT (system installed tanks) for lime storage systems.

Typical lime applications include pebble lime, powdered lime, quicklime, limestone and hydrated lime storage. Based on the type of lime stored, Tank Connection offers their clients continuous, non-problematic product flow from the storage tank into the process system and they back it with a performance guarantee.

Project Specifications

Clients: Leading Power Utility Companies
Application: Lime storage for FGD process
Storage Type: API 620 Field Welded Construction
Tank Sizes & Capacities:
• 50' diameter x 170' height
• Internal 60 hopper design
• Capacity: Over 8400 Tons/each
Location: Southeast U.S.

In the power industry, Tank Connection is recognized as a premier manufacturer and installer of lime storage systems. TC offers funnel flow, mass flow and expanded flow designs. Typical applications include fluidized discharge for powdered lime and functional mass flow discharge utilizing either passive flow aid devices (i.e., chisel bottom hopper design) or active flow aid devices (i.e., bin activator, etc.). Stainless steel liners are utilized in select limestone applications for both material flow and abrasion requirements.

Tank Connection was selected for the project based on power utility/client preference for high quality storage tank fabrication and field construction services. Based on storage capacity requirements exceeding bolted RTP capacities, field-weld construction was selected. Governing code applicable for the project was API 620. (As a reference, the lower tank shell thickness exceeded 1 ¼” plate for this application.)

Other “power utility” client locations utilize Tank Connection’s RTP (rolled, tapered panel) bolted tank design, which features exact manufacturing tolerances and the top rated EXT Fusion 5000 FBE™ coating system available in the industry today. Tank Connection also provides complete turnkey field installation service, utilizing a synchronized, hydraulic screw jack process, which allows field crews to install large bulk storage tanks at grade level.

TCAG is the only tank supplier worldwide that designs, manufactures and installs all four types of steel storage tanks including bolted RTP, field-weld, shop-weld and hybrid tank designs for bulk storage applications.

Website: http://www.TankConnection.com/